OxiSecret Depilation Sugar Paste with
Tea Tree and Chamomile Classic


How to properly use OxiSecret sugar paste:

Heat OxiSecret in a double boiler, microwave or wax warmer to body temperature (warm, but not hot). The texture should be similar to hard honey.

100% natural product for hair removal. Tea Tree oil is a strong natural antiseptic. It fights bacteria, speeds up healing, stimulates skin immunity and improves blood circulation. Chamomile also has healing, soothing and antibacterial properties.

OxiSecret depilation sugar paste with tea tree and chamomile classic is not suitable for any client as it contains extra components. Can be used for all skin areas including bikini zone. Does not contain artificial fragrances, petroleum derivatives, SLS or silicone oils.

OxiSecret sugar paste removes only the hair and dead skin cells, healthy skin cells are not disturbed. It also exfoliates your skin removing dead skin cells. Sugaring prevents ingrown hairs and the result lasts much longer than after waxing.