Top quality hair removal product for professional and home care

Sugar paste OxiSecret is approved by Prague National Health Institute. OxiSecret is 100% natural product, it has no chemical ingredients. OxiSecret contains Aloe Vera which regenerates your skin and prevents any inflammation after the procedure.

The range of OxiSecret products includes: various types of sugar paste, a preparatory product before depilation and a leaving product after depilation, and it is also planned to expand the range of our OxiSecret brand in the near future

Sugar paste adheres only to the hair and dead skin cells. It does not damage the skin and also minimizes the risk of inflamed pimples. The paste removes dead skin cells so after the procedure the skin is also exfoliated.

With this method hair is only removed in the natural direction of growth. In addition, the sugar paste seeps into the hair follicle which helps lubricate the hair root allowing the root to be removed completely without breaking and with less pain.

INOMNIA s.r.o. is the manufacturer of sugar paste - a cosmetic product OxiSecret is located in the center of Europe - in magic Prague.

Full control of the production of cosmetics - from manufacturing to shipment of finished goods allows you to guarantee 100% the quality of the supplied OxiSecret products.